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Frequently Asked Questions

Days is a Medpasser and 2 CNA’s, PM’s is a Medpasser and 2 CNA’s, and Nights is a MedPasser and one CNA

Yes, we pass snacks at 2pm.  But there is always fresh fruit in the dining area.  You just have to help yourself.  Also, if you want or need a snack anytime of the day, you just have to ask.We also have an ice cream machine that anytime staff and residents can have ice cream.

 We have a fulltime Activity Director Monday thru Friday.

The activity calendar for the current month is posted to the website.  You can view the months activities there.

No we do not. An Assisted Living Facility is not required to have a nurse in the building 24/7.  However, she is available 24/7.

Not in the building. However, we have a garden shed, heated with carpeting and lights that will allow loved ones to visit their family member here.  Families sit in the garden shed, resident sits inside and they can see each other thru the window. We have an intercom system that they can communicate with each other.

We have an assessment tool that we use to determine the cost. It is based on needs of the resident.

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